Our Story

With 28 years of experience in the meat and food processing industry, Vitali and Inessa have created high demand products that are made from high quality Canadian products, bought locally within Alberta as much as they are able. They use real potatoes, real meat and use no fillers which brings superior flavours and quality products. They have spent years perfecting each of their product’s recipes bring include both German traditional recipes mixed with Canadian tastes to create the most amazing flavours and quality in each of their products.

Vatali and Inessa met in 1999 in Germany. Vatali has always been passionate about being self employed and has worked endlessly to perfect his abilities. He would go to the butcher shop to watch and learn till he was able to do his own training. After finishing the 3 years of college to gain his butcher’s certificate, Vatali worked from the bottom of the butcher ladder all the way up to the top.

They sold their home in Germany and moved to Canada in 2006. They drove from town to town to see where there was a need for a butcher. In 2008 they opened their first butcher shop in Acme, Alberta. Bringing their products to farmers’ markets they soon became a high demand vendor for their amazing products.

They took a break from the meat production business for a couple years until 2013 when they opened Viva Deli in Red Deer, Alberta. They continued to grow and expand and went into the manufacturing of their products for grocery wholesale in 2015. They also have continued advancing their training and skills and are provincially licensed.

They have not stopped growing and expanding their deli or their wholesale. Recently they have been focusing even more on the manufacturing of their wholesale products and will continue to accept new wholesale customers.

Vatali and Inessa Kojlo